How To Get Better Quality Audio From Your Bluetooth Headphones With Ldac

LDAC and LHDC are Bluetooth audio codec that provides high-quality sound, even reaching 960 Kbps. However, if you leave it to default settings, it’ll mostly drop back to 320 Kbps. This is done in order to save battery and avoid connection stutters. However, if you usually keep your phone in a meter reach, there’s no … Read more

How To Create Partition In Windows 7 With Disk Management Rtt

No more deleting your files if you are running out of space from a particular disk, in this article, you will find step by step tutorial on  How to Resize Partition Windows 7 For Free. Before partition After partition You can see that i have taken 60 GB from my c drive and made a … Read more

How To Create Live Wallpapers On Samsung Phones

If you use a Samsung Phone, chances are you have heard of Good Lock. For the unknown, Good Lock is a Samsung-exclusive app packed with various modules that extend the functionality of your phone which you won’t be able to achieve otherwise with Play Store apps. Recently, Samsung introduced a new module in ‘Good Lock’ … Read more

How To Remove Background From Image

Clicking a perfect portrait requires you to have an ideal background. At times, you might not find it at various tourist locations or even at home. There are various online and offline tools to remove the background and replace it with something else. Photoshop, GIMP, etc. are some of the noteworthy mentions. However, it is … Read more

How To Test Your Internet Speed From Command Line Using Ping

Looking for a quick way to test your network speed? Well, you can always use a service like speedtest. Their results are accurate. However, most advanced users prefer Ping command. Why use ping? Well, it’s quick, platform independent, works even on a slow internet connection, and it can reveal some useful information if you know how … Read more

How To Rotate Your Macbook Screen To 90 Degrees

I sometimes plug in an external display to my MacBook that I use in the vertical orientation. However, I wanted to change the orientation of the inbuilt display of the MacBook but couldn’t find the settings to do so. Upon diving deeper I found the settings hidden in plain sight. If you’ve also been wondering … Read more

How To Get 2 Free Audiobooks From Audible Trial Instead Of 1

If you are like me who read books while stuck in traffic, doing daily chores, or before going to bed etc, then getting Audible is a no-brainer. Like most internet service, Audible provides 30 days free trial where you get 1 audiobook. After which, if you like the service, you can continue with $15 per … Read more

How To Add Widgets On The Android Lock Screen Like On Ios 16

Widgets support on the lock screen was last seen on the Android 4.4 KitKat and Google killed the feature after that and there wasn’t a perfect app to replace it, until now. Lockscreen Widgets made by an XDA recognized developer Zacharee1. As the name says, this app brings back the widgets to the lock screen. … Read more

How To Use Deepfacelab On Windows To Create Your First Deepfake

Deepfakes has taken the internet by the storm, resulting in some hilarious, weird, and unsettling videos. But how do you create deepfake videos? Enter DeepFaceLab, a popular deepfake software for Windows which uses machine learning to create face-swapped videos. It is free, open-sourced, and relatively easy to learn. However, first-time users might need some instructions … Read more