Episode 10: Trans

This month we we talk trans to mark Trans Day of Visibility on the 31st March.

According to the Trans Mental Health Review, 84% of trans people have contemplated ending their life, and that is just not okay. To help us better understand the issues trans people face everyday, and how we can be better allies to them, we invited Bex, Sabah and Romario.

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Episode 09: Relationships

This month we focused on relationships, and more specifically, abusive ones.

2 women are killed every week in England and Wales by a current or former partner, and it's easy to ask 'why don't you just leave?'. Well, help is difficult to get, especially when you consider a fifth of refuges have closed since 2010.

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Episode 08: Mental Health

Conversion therapy? Suicide and race? Forcibly sectioned? Mental health.

This month we’re joined by Chama, Carl and Nicolle who trusted us enough to tell us their journey with mental health.

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Episode 07: Consent

TW: rape, sexual assault, child sexual abuse

Consent. It’s a given, right? You would just say no if you didn’t want to do something, ‘cause no means no, right? Wrong. Research from Edwards et al., (2014) found that a third of male university students didn’t know what rape was, and would even go so far as to rape a woman if they knew no one would find out. According to RAINN, 75% of rape and sexual assault against women goes unreported. Why? Because 35% of victims were “unclear that it was a crime or that harm was intended” (Department of Justice, 2011). So in a world where Brock Turner can get 6 months in prison for “20 minutes of action”, and Donald Trump, who has 24 individual sexual assault claims against him, is the President of the United States, we think it’s time we had a conversation about consent, and so do our guests.

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Episode 06: Why is My Curriculum White?

Did you know that Winston Churchill was a massive eugenicist? Or that Oxford university was part funded by Cecil Rhodes, a man who left his money to further the extension of the British rule and to perfect colonisation? Neither did we.  That’s why this month we asked three guests one not-so-simple question: why is my curriculum white? Or in other words, why is my curriculum male, pale and stale?

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