Episode 21: Incarceration

We chat to Marilyn Reed, mother of Sarah Reed who was found dead in Holloway Women's Prison, Yasmin who is currently imprisoned in Yarl's Wood Detention Centre, and Paula who has first hand experience of incarceration in the UK.

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Episode 20: Feminism

2018 marks 100 YEARS since SOME women were given the right to vote in the UK... so it seemed only right that we did an episode on feminism.

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Episode 18: Disability

What's it like to be a disabled person in Britain today?

We open up an honest discussion about person first language, passing privilege when it comes to neurotypical functioning and the forgotten disabled women of colour who you should have learnt about in your history lessons.

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Episode 16: Age

Is elderly care a feminist issue?

Should elderly care for heteronormative people be different to their LGBTQ+ counterparts?

What about the representation of older people on screen? What roles do they play? Do their characters have any depth? Are they even there in the first place?

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